Teshieka and Derrek's Wedding

The Bridal Suite: Teshieka & Derrek’s Real Wedding

Zeta brings me so much business! But she also brings me great friends. I was referred to this beautiful bride by my undergraduate advisor and her line sister. The bride was in Columbia, SC, but she asked if I’d be willing to give it a shot. Given the referral and the fact that it’s not too far from ATL, I decided Suite14A could make it work. I called her once. She asked me a few questions. Now we’re friends. ūüôā


Before Teshieka and I were¬†able to meet in person, we had a couple of meetings via Skype. Later, she planned a trip to our home office to discuss details. Y’all…I was SICK!¬†Not a cute lil runny nose and a cough sick. I had the fever all day, body aching, don’t make me get out of the bed, flu. I felt terrible. I wanted to be excited and chipper, but instead when she showed up, I was wrapped in a blanket and refusing to hug her for fear of spreading my germs. But she was so gracious. She pulled out her wedding planning notes, spread them on my floor and we spent the entire evening planning.


That one day set the tone for this entire journey. Teshieka and Derrek were so much fun to work with. I could not believe that they seriously wanted to invite one million 500 people to their wedding, but after meeting their friends and loved ones, it’s easy to see why. They really love them individually and as a couple and couldn’t imagine not being present for their big day. ¬†This ginormous wedding was a huge test for Suite14A, but everyone was really happy with the way things turned out. Including me.


We had settled on a vintage, but modern look with a charcoal grey, sparkly silver, and Tiffany Blue color scheme.

Inspiration Board

All the stationery for the event was done by Scripted Ever After. I proposed a newspaper program that the bride loved, so we worked backwards from there. The entire suite featured this pattern that Jamie replicated from some linens she saw on our Pinterest board.


Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center

Scratch-off Telegram Save the Dates


Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center



Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center

Newspaper programs w/ matching hashtag pencils

The ballroom at the Columbia Conference Center proved to be a perfect blank space. It had all the room and equipment (and FANTASTIC menu) that we needed, but it didn’t quite have that pizzazz required to meet the bride’s vision. So A Touch of Drapery draped the entire ballroom in white and we decorated everything in silver and charcoal. ¬†Perfect Entertainment¬†provided the uplighting that created the beautiful Tiffany blue color she wanted throughout the space.



At the bride’s request, the only flowers present were the bouquets and boutonnieres from By Design and the small bunch or rose petals I sprinkled at the altar. Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, we opted for an abundance of candles and chic white lamps for a¬†more romantic ambiance.


Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center


Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center

With over 30 members, I’ve affectionately named the bridal party the Pugh Mass Choir. They were a great group and they came to PARTY.

Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center

DJ Perfect seriously had everyone on the floor the entire night, including our photographer Trevor Mercer, who couldn’t stop talking about all the fun he had. We took a quick break in the action for a special presentation¬†by the men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Omegas and Zetas

When your wedding planner slides through for the sorority photo w/ no make up on. #shame lol



Bonnie Brunt put BOTH her feet in the cakes, which is fitting given the grooms cake being a fresh new pair of gold boots. They were probably more delicious than they were beautiful, if you could believe that.

At the end of the night, the couple chose to share one last dance with all their guests and stayed behind to say goodbye and thank everyone for coming.


Teshieka and Derrek, by Suite14A at Columbia Conference Center

Check out the groom’s reception shoes. They were customized with the wedding date on the soles.

















It was a great night and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it. Check out my portfolio here to see the full wedding album.


A very special thank you to all the vendors who made this day a great success!

Event Planning and Design: Suite14A

Photography and Video: Trevor Mercer Photography

Venue: Columbia Conference Center

Stationery: Scripted Ever After

Cakes: Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Bridesmaids Gifts and Vinyl Monograms: Designs by Ashlee’

Hair: Creme de la Creme Hair Gallery

Makeup: Lifted by Lady K

Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses: Carolina Couture

Bride’s Second Look: Brides by Nona

Drapery: A Touch of Drapery

DJ, Photobooth, Uplighting: Perfect Entertainment

Dancefloor and Chair Rental: Party Reflections

Flowers: By Design Holiday and Events

Monogram Sign and Acrylic Card Box: Ten23 Designs

Little Gentleman Baby Shower

Oh Boy! A Black Tie Baby Shower

As always, Zeta really does make things happen for me. One of my sorors was welcoming her first grandchild and was planning a baby shower for the “birth of a southern gentleman.” Yes, that’s exactly what she said. She sent me a copy of the shower invite, a cute little black and white number with a mustache prominently displayed on the top, ¬†and I designed the event around that.

In sticking with the gentleman theme, I wanted to include some artwork for the tables, but I didn’t find anything that fit the bill, so I made my own. I had them printed and framed and I placed one on each table. #Fancy

Be a Gentleman Collage

The guest tables included elegant black table linens, the gentleman artwork, white gift boxes with luscious satin ribbon, vintage style milk bottles, fluffy white carnations in baby food jars, and a little teddy bear with coordinating ribbon. While we’re on the subject, who knew that a teddy bear was a seasonal item?!?!? Apparently everyone else buys them around Christmas. We won’t discuss how hard these were to find (in May), but we will gaze upon their plushness in the next few photos.

Black Tie Baby Centerpiece 2 Black Tie Baby Centerpiece 3 Black Tie Baby CenterpieceThat DIY bow tutorial came in handy for this shower. I made diaper cakes for the head table with hand made bow tie decorations. I was really happy with how they came out. I also made extra and pinned them on onesies (not pictured) for the mommy-to-be to take home for the little gentleman.

Black Tie Baby Diaper Cake


Lastly, here’s the dessert table. I used the same stands from our wedding and they look great here with these ‘stached out cupcakes by A Little Slice of Heaven. The mommy-to-be also requested a boxed cupcake tower that’s pictured below.

Black Tie Baby Cupcakes Black Tie Baby Dessert TableTurns out the shower was held just in time. Mommy-to-be went into labor just two days later, welcoming baby Xander (the Southern Gentleman) into the world. Congrats Courtney!



Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Baby Shower

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

When one of the sorors from our chapter is pregnant (or getting married), we like to do it up for her. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to celebrate a baby, but the time had come and Little Lyndon was on her way. Per usual, I was in charge of decor and after we decided on theme and colors, I went right to work.

But alas, a week before the big day, Mommy to Be was put on bed rest and we were considering cancelling the shower. We held out hope with her committing to attend our monthly meeting which was going to be followed by her SURPRISE! shower, but on the day of, she just wasn’t up to it. The little one will be here before we get a chance to meet again, so we sent the gifts over with another soror.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t pics. I usually try to set up at least one table from all of my events before it actually happens, so I can take a look at everything before I share them with everybody. I just like to see it first. Here’s how far I got before we decided to cancel:

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Florals

These little striped boxes were too cute. I’m so glad I purchased them. They came with coral colored ribbon, but I switched it out to go with our theme.

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Diaper Cake


Do you remember this gold tray from my Valentine’s post? Mommy had these gems hidden somewhere in the kitchen, but since I’ve found them they’ve come in pretty handy for adding an instant touch of fancy.

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Shower

All done. At least we got to eat the cookies.

2013-09-28 20.43.37

Bridal Suite: My Sorority is Responsible for My Marriage

Husband is probably in the office…sure that we’re married because he lured me in with all his dark chocolate fineness, comedy, and charm, but he’s only part right. That stuff came later. But in real life, we actually got married because Zeta made it so. It’s true.

I’m a firm believer that everything that happened before is only to set you up for your future. It’s very sneaky too. You can’t really see the full picture until you look back from the end. Well, from here, I can see how I was set up. I went to college with no intention to pledge. I changed my mind. Thank goodness it all worked out. I was inducted as a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. in the Fall of 2003. My Dean was Soror Amanda Hicks (Wiley). My dear friend and Soror Kateah, paid half of my membership fees. Now I’m a Zeta! Yay!

Fast forward a few years and Soror Amanda Rivera, also from my undergraduate chapter, invites me to join this Yahoo Group for members of my sorority and our brother organization Phi Beta Sigma. It was in this group that I met Boo, who was my Maid of Honor. I also met Tine, who was my Matron of Honor.¬†Yay! I have friends! I’m so lucky!

Fast forward a few more years and Tine introduces me to Moon, who was recently initiated into her chapter. Now I have a new friend. Yay! Fast forward a little more and Moon has a birthday party. I’m invited, because I’m popular. She introduces me to her friends from school. I caught the eye of the tallest one and he asked me on a date. I was obviously irresistible and he proposed to me 19 months later. You see how this Zeta connection (my good looks, and sparkling personality) hooked that up for me?

Now the thing is, I probably would have never met him if not for Zeta. After we went on a few dates, we discovered that we knew a lot of the same people. His brother was dating a friend of a friend, who I had met at a Blue and White social event years prior. He went to High School with one of my good friends, who is also my fraternity brother, though they don’t remember each other. I used to hang out with some of the same people he went to college with. Matter of fact we had gone to at least ONE (we think it may be two. Can’t be sure.) of the same parties, both he and Moon attended. She couldn’t introduce me then, because she wasn’t a Zeta yet, so she and I didn’t know each other. It wasn’t the right time. But time changes things. Now I have a husband AND friends.


Some of these same sorors, were able to serenade me at our wedding. They didn’t want to, but I insisted, because it’s one of my favorite parts. #SoSuite