Color Me Suite

Color Me Suite: How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Event

Every detail you choose for your event conveys a message to your guests. Everything. Right down to the color scheme. So how do you know if you’re choosing the right colors for your event?


Well a quick lesson in color psychology may do the trick. Determining what colors say may help you decide which colors to choose, because going with your favorites isn’t always the best choice. I found the following chart on pinterest via Burnett’s Boards and I thought I’d share.


Color Psycology Chart


Another thing to consider is color combos and seasons. For instance, red,white, and blue may suggest 4th of July, while orange and black scream Halloween. Pastels generally evoke feelings of spring while bright colors make us think of summer. Your choices can really take your theme from bland to #suite by simply making the right choices. Of course, this is just a guide, but it’ll give you a good idea of what your guests may be thinking and feeling during their time at your event.

Color Psychology. Rainbow Theme

I personally love jewel tones. Ruby red, regal purple, royal blue, and peacock teal. What are some of your favorite colors?




What's Your Party Style

What’s Your Party Personality?

Thanks to Shawntel at the SOA Brand for this post.

She went on a Pinterest frenzy a while back and I picked up a few gems, including a pin prompting me to “Find  Your Party Personality?” Ever the curious one, well actually I just want to see if it’s accurate (have you guys noticed a quiz trend with me?), I clicked it to take the quiz.

Drumroll please…………… It turns out I’m a Family Style Feaster!

*big gasp* But, how do these people KNOW ME!? There are only three questions! How could it be so accurate?!?!!? So accurate, that I actually considered serving family style at the wedding. It’s like a wonderful mix between a seated dinner and a buffet. I find that it’s a far more intimate kind of dining and I suppose that’s why I favor it so much, especially for larger groups.

Once your party style has been discovered, the site will also pull some suitable themes and menu items for you to try. How convenient! Mine had things like lasagna night, a rustic wine tasting, and a pot luck. Now, I can’t say I’m all too excited about potlucks, but maybe I just don’t have the right friends, or know the right people. Ina Garten makes it looks so easy. Then again, Ina does all the cooking and her friends bring things like flowers and wine. I may give it a go once I get over my potluck anxiety.

Find out your party style on and host your own little shindig.