Atlanta Underground Market 3.14

Date Night: Atlanta Underground Market, Sandwich

Husband and I decided to go to forego a traditional Saturday night dinner and try AUM last month for the sandwich theme. It’s fun, and now that I’m taking on more clients for events, it’s a great opportunity for venue scouting. March’s event was held at Art Space International, so I was also able to satisfy my artsy side by getting to see some cool artwork. I took pictures too, because I was thinking of you.


ArtSpace International

They had food tables as soon as we entered the event space, so we started eating right away. Kelly was back, so Husband tried a $1 one bite kupcake. I had a $1 biscuit instead. It was advertised as the best biscuit you would ever taste. I forgot to take a picture, but that’s okay, because it wasn’t great. I should have gotten a kupcake from Kelly instead.

We both had chicken and waffle sliders by LePiege. AMAZING. A deep-fried chicken nugget was smothered in bacon jam and nestled between two deep-fried mini waffles. It was so good we were prepared to buy another on our way out, but alas, they had sold out. 🙁 Such tragedy.

Chicken and Waffle Sliders

I tried a watermelon soda. Just because. I mean, it was a watermelon soda. I’ve never seen or heard of that before. Not many other people had either, they all asked what I was drinking and what it tasted like. I bet you’re curious too. It was super sweet and tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher. I’m glad to have tried it, but I wasn’t very impressed. Just happy because I tried something “rare.” It makes me feel fancy.

Watermelon Soda

Urban Foodie Cafe was also in attendance again. I tried the “Whatcha talkin bout Willis?” A sandwich with spaghetti on it?! Yep, I had to try it.

Urban Foodie Cafe


It was yummy, but I wasn’t thinking when I bought it. I don’t eat beef…and I’m pretty sure that’s what most people make a ragu with, so I was eating in fear. I didn’t want to NOT eat it, because well…it was good. But when the sauce came oozing out the other end, I was also not pressed to sop it up with my bread and eat it anyway.

I finished my dinner with a dessert cookie sandwich from from Sweet Joy Baking Company. Now let me tell you, I’m just plain ole picky about my baked goods, but this cookie was amazing. If not for the bacon jam on the sliders, the cookie would definitely be the standout of the evening. The cranberrry oatmeal cookie was delicious. There was just enough tang from the cranberries, the cookie was wonderfully chewy, the white chocolate cream filling was everything and the cookie to filling ratio was perfect. It was a big serving, and I’m very good about savoring things that bring me pleasure, so I spread out my servings over the course of 3 days. How does one bite a cookie, then put it down? Easy. A couple of bites for lunch. A couple for dinner. I was literally carrying it around in my purse and nibbling here and there until I eventually finished it off Monday evening. Then I mourned.

The next date for AUM is this Saturday, April 5th and the theme is noodles. My favorite! Husband and I have a very busy April, but I’m hoping we can go because I’m particularly interested in dessert noodles. As always, if you’re interested in going, you have to sign up in advance as the location details will be released the night before via email.  It’s $5 to get in and all the food is priced between $1-5.



FearLess: Don't be Afraid to Begin Again

Don’t Be Afraid to Begin Again

I wrote this in a blog post from Nov. 2011:

Imagine being born again, with all your memories from this life. Except this time, you’re born in another country. You remember how to talk, and you try, but nobody speaks the language. Everything you thought you knew is different. It’s like having a wealth of useless knowledge. You have a little experience, but it’s starting to feel a little irrelevant. Some days, that’s just how I feel. I have chosen to give up what I know to do something new and all the previous knowledge I had isn’t really helping with what I’m trying to do now. I’m sure it’s helped with the transition, but when you’re starting from scratch, a little help doesn’t always seem like much. I am having fun, but a little progress would be great for team morale.

This is, I feel, my third time starting this blog. Not starting over, but I’ve had two long breaks to regroup and I’ve come back from each of them with a renewed perspective. Suite14A is actually my second blog, and if we count my wealth of Facebook notes, it’s my third. I wanted to come here to Suite14A and do something completely different from what I’ve done in the past. Because, honestly, I’m different now and if you’ve been following my work since the Facebook days, you’re different now too. We’re growing up and we have grown up things to deal with. Sometimes that means letting go of the familiar and stepping out to try something new. Sometimes, that’s hard…even for a superwoman like me. It takes quite a bit of gumption to give up something you’ve worked hard on or put a lot of effort into, only to start over again with something unfamiliar. But we cannot be afraid of the “beginagains.” You know, when plan A (or B or C) doesn’t go that well or it’s not all you thought it would be and then you have to start over? Yeah, that’s the beginagains. And if we’re always afraid to give them a go, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to flourish under these new circumstances. Fear will keep us from a new venture, or relationship, or vegetable, or even a new haircut. If we let it, it will chew us up and then spit us out into a dark corner, where we’ll spend the rest of our lives huddled up rocking and crying into an old t-shirt. Don’t let that happen.

Go rafting with your husband (Symone). Zip line (It was FUN). Try asparagus (YUM). Paint the walls blue. Cut off your hair! Stop being beaten by the what ifs. What if everything goes well? What if you enjoy it? What if it’s delicious? Perfect? Chances are you won’t die trying. Instead, you’ll feel accomplished. Fearless. Strong. Try an adventure every now and then. Don’t be skurred.


Want to Feel Richer?

I love this commercial! Why? Because we encounter this woman and she’s obviously a woman of a certain status. She’s probably on the phone with some woman she’s not even friends with (think RHOA), discussing some fabulous dinner party that she will be hosting for a few friends (or frenemies). Only to find out later that she’s not at all that we expected. She’s just feeling FANCY! And you know what? I’m perfectly okay with that.

Other than a price tag or brand name, the difference between ordinary and suite is sometimes just the matter in which we reference things. I said sometime last year that I would work on my language to try to make myself feel far more fancy than circumstances sometimes allow. What’s the difference between an ˈ”en-ˌdīv” and ˌand “än-ˈdēv” (endive)? About $20 worth of misconceptions. It’s the same food pronounced differently, but one sounds all earthy and home grown, while the other sounds like it should be served on gold rimmed china (plates). Why be ordinary when you can be suite with no upgrade costs?

Living room vs. Parlor: iGoogled. Same thing. Vāz vs. Väz (vase): I heard a comedian say that if it’s cheap, you go with the former. I say, I don’t care, I’m fancy and I’m calling it the latter! Target vs. Tarjay. Extensions vs. weave. Vintage vs. Old. It’s real out here y’all. Change your language and own your fancy!

Can you think of any other things that get fancier if you call them something different?