Little Gentleman Baby Shower

Oh Boy! A Black Tie Baby Shower

As always, Zeta really does make things happen for me. One of my sorors was welcoming her first grandchild and was planning a baby shower for the “birth of a southern gentleman.” Yes, that’s exactly what she said. She sent me a copy of the shower invite, a cute little black and white number with a mustache prominently displayed on the top,  and I designed the event around that.

In sticking with the gentleman theme, I wanted to include some artwork for the tables, but I didn’t find anything that fit the bill, so I made my own. I had them printed and framed and I placed one on each table. #Fancy

Be a Gentleman Collage

The guest tables included elegant black table linens, the gentleman artwork, white gift boxes with luscious satin ribbon, vintage style milk bottles, fluffy white carnations in baby food jars, and a little teddy bear with coordinating ribbon. While we’re on the subject, who knew that a teddy bear was a seasonal item?!?!? Apparently everyone else buys them around Christmas. We won’t discuss how hard these were to find (in May), but we will gaze upon their plushness in the next few photos.

Black Tie Baby Centerpiece 2 Black Tie Baby Centerpiece 3 Black Tie Baby CenterpieceThat DIY bow tutorial came in handy for this shower. I made diaper cakes for the head table with hand made bow tie decorations. I was really happy with how they came out. I also made extra and pinned them on onesies (not pictured) for the mommy-to-be to take home for the little gentleman.

Black Tie Baby Diaper Cake


Lastly, here’s the dessert table. I used the same stands from our wedding and they look great here with these ‘stached out cupcakes by A Little Slice of Heaven. The mommy-to-be also requested a boxed cupcake tower that’s pictured below.

Black Tie Baby Cupcakes Black Tie Baby Dessert TableTurns out the shower was held just in time. Mommy-to-be went into labor just two days later, welcoming baby Xander (the Southern Gentleman) into the world. Congrats Courtney!




Bridal Suite: Isela and Thomas’ Real Wedding

Although SUITE14A is intended for and dedicated to serving those interested in a more intimate affair, I could not refuse when my frat brother, Thomas, inquired about my services for his upcoming 300 guest wedding.  In an effort to save his bride’s sanity,  he was actually doing the legwork to find and surprise her with a planner in an effort to save her sanity. Everybody say “Awwwww.”

After seeing the work I did on Alexis and Z’s wedding, he thought I might be a good fit. So of course, I said yes. Then she said yes. And we all said yes. Then, this happened…

Custom Aisle Runner #ChuckTaylors #ChucksAt the church we adorned the pews with bright (hard to find) yellow pom poms and navy printed ribbon. A Converse All Star/Chuck Taylor inspired kraft paper runner lined the aisle.

Custom Kraft Paper Table Runner

Social Media Chalk Board - Share your wedding pics Navy and Yellow, Rustic Modern, Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Day 7 Wedding Day 9

Quite a few guests wore Chucks in honor of the newlyweds. Here’s a photo of some of the kids. I’m the one with the larger feet. 🙂

#Chucks #ChuckTaylors

All together now!

All together now!

The team and I really had a great time working this event. It was our first Mexican wedding, so now we’re all officially cultured.  #SUITE

Venue: Premier Event Halls (Duluth, GA)

Follow me on instagram @SUITE14A to see some of the behind the scene photos, including my new favorite thing HOME DEPOT BUCKETS! 

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Baby Shower

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

When one of the sorors from our chapter is pregnant (or getting married), we like to do it up for her. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to celebrate a baby, but the time had come and Little Lyndon was on her way. Per usual, I was in charge of decor and after we decided on theme and colors, I went right to work.

But alas, a week before the big day, Mommy to Be was put on bed rest and we were considering cancelling the shower. We held out hope with her committing to attend our monthly meeting which was going to be followed by her SURPRISE! shower, but on the day of, she just wasn’t up to it. The little one will be here before we get a chance to meet again, so we sent the gifts over with another soror.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t pics. I usually try to set up at least one table from all of my events before it actually happens, so I can take a look at everything before I share them with everybody. I just like to see it first. Here’s how far I got before we decided to cancel:

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Florals

These little striped boxes were too cute. I’m so glad I purchased them. They came with coral colored ribbon, but I switched it out to go with our theme.

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Diaper Cake


Do you remember this gold tray from my Valentine’s post? Mommy had these gems hidden somewhere in the kitchen, but since I’ve found them they’ve come in pretty handy for adding an instant touch of fancy.

Twinkle Twinkle Lavender and Tan Shower

All done. At least we got to eat the cookies.

Move Toward Your Goal -Bruce Lee

Don’t Let Your Head Explode

When I really get into my work, I’m thinking so much I start to feel like my brain will melt and begin to ooze out of my ears. Then I try to sleep and end up spinning in bed, wrestling with my thoughts. Missing my glue gun, rolling over to make notes about the timeline in my cellphone, grabbing a pen from my bedside and sketching table designs. It’s great for business, but bad for sleep. Bruce Lee knew this about me and in his Bruce Lee wisdom, left behind this little tidbit for Husband to find and share with me.

He’s right, of course. Thinking is EXHAUSTING. Doing is rewarding. Action frees up so much brain space- turning massive tasks into little to-dos that are easier to manage. Trust me. Listen to Bruce Lee. Don’t let your brain explode. Give thinking a break and put your hands to work. Do something!