Keep Calm and Get Married 2

Keep Calm and Get Married: Advice from Your Wedding Planner

On the morning of your wedding, you will most likely wake up in a strange bed in an unfamiliar room. It will probably be in a luxury hotel you’ve never been to before. You’ll spend the morning alongside your closet friends romping around in matching robes and dancing to your favorite songs while waiting for your glam squad to arrive. You’ll have champagne for breakfast. At the specified time, a hair stylist and make-up artist will come to your suite and meticulously contour each of your faces, accentuating your best features and concealing any minor blemishes. By lunch time, just as your lashes have been perfectly placed and lips properly puckered, the photography crew will come in to document you stepping into your fabulous gown and later being draped in jewels and crowned with a sparkling tiara or stunning veil to finish off your look. Once the entire team is dressed and beautified, you’ll pass the time waiting for your chariot or limo to arrive by participating in a photoshoot in which you are the star! You’ll be whisked away to a cathedral nearby to exchange vows with the love of your life. After the I Dos have been said, you’ll share your first kiss in front of family and friends as they erupt in a grand congratulatory cheer. They will stand and photograph your exit as the two of you make your way outside. Later, you’ll dance the night away with everyone who loves you and eventually head to a hotel suite where you’ll collapse in exhaustion- likely too overjoyed to consummate the long awaited marriage.


In the morning you’ll wake beside the love of your life. You’re married! It may not feel real. In fact, it may feel like you just woke up from the most wonderful dream. A dream filled with an abundance of flowers, romantic candles, beautiful people and the most deliciously large cake you could ever imagine. Except you see your gown, slung haphazardly across a hotel room chair and your sparkling crown tossed on the floor alongside the most gorgeous sparkling pumps you may never wear again. Of course yesterday was real, but we’ve all heard other brides say how quickly it goes by and how they don’t remember much of the day. “It’s all just a blur.”  This is common and maybe even the norm. And I’ve always thought that it probably feels that way, because that’s how it was planned to feel. You wanted a fairy tale and a dream wedding and that’s exactly what you got. Something that’s so utterly perfect and so extremely exquisite that it feels as if it didn’t happen. You wanted it to be so special and so perfect that you don’t allow it to be a real moment in your life.


I know it’s probably odd coming from an industry professional, that I’m not willing to promise a perfect wedding. And that’s not saying that I am not capable of giving you awesome service and an event you can be proud of. The truth is I want your wedding to be awesome…almost as much as you do. Suite14A depends on your satisfaction. I want to help you plan and design a wonderful celebration to welcome you and your love to married life. I want it to be fun. I want it to be memorable and beautiful and a shining example of who you are as a couple. But I also want it to feel real and authentic. I want you to be able to give yourself permission to enjoy your wedding day even if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. I want you to understand that the day is only special because you made it so by choosing it to take your vows. I want you to be cognizant enough to understand that it is perfect because of those vows you made and not because there were no incidents.


It will be grand. It will be lovely. It will be fun. And you’ll wake up in the morning beside the love of your life knowing for sure that you got married and it was more than just a dream. It was real.