Who I Am and Why We’re Here

Hi, I’m Symone. That’s me on the right. I’m a nearly 30 something, accomplished artist, crafter, and home chef. That lovely lady beside me is Mommy. Mommy passed away last May. I’m still coping.

More than six months have passed and in that time, a lot of things have changed. There’s something about being so close to death that really changes your perspective and ultimately, I decided I wanted more. This blog is just one of those things.

When Mommy left this earth, it really caused me to put some things in perspective. It made me want to live my dreams. You know, that whole life is short thing. Well the time is here…and so is my chance. Here’s the blog. On it, I’ll be chronicling my events, my designs, some tips for entertaining, inspiration, and maybe a few random musings.

It’ll be Suite! Care to join me?