After I Do: What to do with all your stuff?

You’re married now. Congratulations! Starting a new household. Doing grown up things. But now you have 4 sofas, 2 ninja blenders, 2 printers, and 1 ugly recliner. You’ve gotta get rid of it so you can enjoy all your new wedding gifts and actually see the home you two share. So what do you do with all your stuff?

Books: You can donate used (or new) books to the library. I cleared my shelves and took over 50 books to our local library. They will sell these books and raise money to fund our library and I got a tax receipt!

Sheets and Towels: Local animal shelters will take old sheets and towels to make warm and cuddly beds for the animals. Also, I have a bag of old t-shirts and towels cut up and prepared for cleaning super dirty jobs. For the kinds of dirty you won’t even put in the washer.

Batteries, CDs, cords and old electronics: We’ve donated at least 2 computers/laptops, yards and yards of cords, old batteries, CDs and CD cases, an old broken TV and even plastic shopping bags to Best Buy. Make sure you clear your hard drive, or have them remove it before giving them your computer.

Furniture, appliances, working electronics, household items: We’ve listed all of the BIG items on Craigslist. All the proceeds from before the wedding went towards the honeymoon. Everything we make now will go to our sectional savings fund. We don’t get a huge return, but since neither of us have a truck or SUV, this is like getting paid for someone to haul away things we no longer want.
Bonus Tip: If you have something big that doesn’t work and you just want it GONE, list it as free and somebody will come get it. 

Clothes, shoes, any household goods:

  • Donate. Donate. Donate. Since we (I) had some much to give, I spread it out. Goodwill, American Kidney Fund (per Mommy’s request), and 3 different shelters. I was able to give to Hope House (for domestic violence victims) via a wonderful service that will come to your house and collect the donation from your doorstep.
  • Consignment. I wanted to do this, but we got pressed for time. We ended up donating all the things I would have taken and that’s okay. But a consignment store will sometimes pay you up front, or pay you a percentage of what they make by selling your items. This is a great way to get stuff out of the house and make a little money while doing very little work.
  • Mommy and I had a big fire just after we moved in. They dry cleaned all our clothes and brought them back on new hangers. We literally had hundreds, maybe thousands of hangers. To my knowledge, nobody takes those…except coat closets. So, that’s where they went.

After we’ve exhausted all reasonable resources,  we see if there’s anything that can be recycled. We pile it up and every week or two I do a drop at the recycling center. It’s usually boxes and paper, but it’s a lot of each. I can see parts of the house I haven’t seen since we moved in. SUITE!

Decluttering….my mind

I’m so excited to be planning this wedding!!!!! On the other hand, it’s time and thought consuming. The good news is, I know what I want. I’m trying not to look at too much stuff, because I don’t want to have it cloud my vision. Sometimes, you get too many ideas and then you end up changing your mind a lot and never finishing anything. It also results in feeling overwhelmed…and then you cry. I really don’t have the energy to accommodate those kinds of feelings.

There is some good news, though! By the Grace of God and I’m sure some help from mommy, we’ve taken care of most of the BIG things for the wedding which has really helped to clear up some brain space and some time. I should be able to get back to my projects within the next couple of weeks…like the stuff from the other wedding. I’m thrilled. I really enjoy what I’m doing here and now I have all the more reason to keep it up.

Engagement photo 2

Be Flexible

I wish this title was a clever way to say I’ve found some  spectacular way to use flexi-straws to make a fabulous chandelier for a photo backdrop. It’s not. I have better news. I’M ENGAGED!

I was doing a fabulous job of posting regularly and then I was hit by the greatest news of my life. I was off celebrating and walking on clouds, being bombarded with thoughts about our big day, and tossing imaginary confetti on unsuspecting internet strangers. I’ve simply been too excited to even think about what to do around the house and it shows. But with a wedding coming up in the near future, where does that leave Suite14A?

I cannot tell a lie, I’m going to be busy. But that will give me lots of material to blog about. We’re going to talk about our wedding! I can put pictures up! Pictures of us! Wedding pictures!!!! I’m so excited to be working on another event and making my house OUR home. But mostly, I’m just glad that after such a difficult period in my life, the Lord saw fit to bless me with such an immense amount of joy. I couldn’t be more happy. Is it okay to paint your walls grey if you’re happy? Is there a happy shade of grey? *tosses confetti*

girl w confetti

Dear Pinterest, Thanks for Everything!

I’ve been on Pinterest for about a month and as promised, I’m not letting my browsing go to waste. I have just reached the 200 pin mark and I’m excited!

Initially, I was skeptical about joining. Millions of women pinning about babies and food and cake and hair and cleaning and ecards. For HOURS! That sounds awesome and addictive and time consuming. All the more reasons to stay away. I would, however, pass through from time to time for a peek. It drew me in slowly, but now that I’m there, Pinterest, I owe you an apology. I misjudged you. You’re more than just those things listed above. You’re wedding dresses, dinner parties, beautiful art, yummy food, and fabulous fashions. I’m sorry.

Since joining I’ve tried two recipes, used four organizing tips, and done two hairstyles. Because of Pinterest, I’ve decided to paint my doors. I’ve also found the Chip It! tool and used it to pick a color. I am pinning about the blog and most importantly, I’m using it to connect with clients and other wedding professionals. I think without being in my current situation, Pinterest would have been exactly what I anticipated it to be…a distraction, but with the right focus…it’s actually a wonderful tool…just the way the developers intended, I’m sure.

You can look at all my magnificent pins by following  Suite14a.