Bridal Suite: Our Invitations

So, I guess I should have invited you all to the wedding before I just jumped in and started talking about it. *shrugs* Too late now. Wanna see my invites? Of course you do!

Random fact about SYM: I LOVE invites (particularly wedding invites. They’re fancy.) and nice packaging. I was taught the invite set the tone of the event. They let your guests know what to expect. It gives them all of the pertinent information for the event. Time, location, occasion.What should I wear? Will it be formal or more casual? Needless to say, choosing the invites was super important to me because this the first glimpse our guests would get of the wedding.

Well, I knew I didn’t want anything too frilly. That’s not me. I knew Husband wouldn’t agree to flowers. I didn’t want those anyway. I knew we wanted elegant and modern…clean. Art Deco…which would now be called Gatsby. lol. Just so you know, I beat the trend. I shopped around for about a week. I found some I liked and got some quotes -INVITES ARE EXPENSIVE!!! I presented my findings for my top three to Husband. We decided to go with the “Greatest Pleasure” suite by Jennifer Chocrane of Creme Paperie.


She’s now doing a full line of invites for grooms who marry grooms! It’s called Two Guys Wed. I never even considered that guys might want a different kind of invitation, but it all makes sense. #noflowers

Like a lot of great things from the wedding, I found her on etsy. She was GREAT to work with and she was really committed to giving us exactly what we looked for, even if I wasn’t able to quite articulate what that was. 🙂 We made a few modifications and added a custom Save the Date card. We also added black pocket folds and the lined envelopes. Then, when I couldn’t have troubled her with another request, she graciously designed a custom monogram with our new last name to seal the pocket folds in wax AND a return address stamp that we ordered from Back to Zero, also on etsy. I got some metallic twine on etsy too, because etsy is great.

When all was said and done,  they turned out AMAZING. I loved them so much. So did our guests…even if they couldn’t figure out how to get them open with the wax and twine and all the Suite goodness. My bad.



Bridal Suite: Bouquet Charms

I decided give it a go with Florist Atlanta after a suggestion from my friend Alexis. (I’ll post about her wedding later. It was fab!)  She mentioned that they had a bridal package that suited my needs perfectly. Exact number of items I needed, the flowers I wanted, and a price I was willing to pay. Suite!

It was an easy first meeting. Then just before the wedding, I took delivered the things that I wanted included in the arrangements. For the boutonnieres and corsages, I bought metallic gold vintage leaves from etsy.



Here’s Husband and his boutonniere.


I decided to keep the bridesmaids bouquets pretty simple. I just wanted them wrapped in black ribbon.



For my bouquet, I took Mommy’s necklace, a little “something blue” angel that was created for me by one of my sorority sisters, and the remnants of the sash cut from my dress. When I got everything on the day of, I was very pleased. It’s always nice when a vendor gives a little extra. Everything was perfect and the photographers loved the bouquet. They took lots of photos.


02_110_D_S_0210 02_95_D_S_0195


I didn’t have the forethought to plan to have charms on my bouquet, but you can. Here are some ideas that would be super cute to adorn your bouquet:

  • Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue.
  • Something from his mother and something from your mother. Maybe from their wedding days.
  •  Trinkets from each of the bridesmaids. Maybe something they give to you at the shower.

Guys vs. Girls: Choosing a Wedding Color

I saw this commercial and I immediately thought of Husband and I. He’s actually pretty good with creative language in regard to color, though I’m not sure if he was that way when I got him. I, however, am JUST like Mrs. Chameleon. It can’t just be a color, it has to be a FEELING. It’s that color psychology coming into play again.

This is kind of how it went when we chose wedding colors. I showed him some pictures I liked, and he said no a lot. But we eventually settled on Onyx and Ivory. He said no to the red. We added gold instead. It’s a classic color scheme. Luxe. It was a great choice and we were both happy with it.

Did your groom give you a hard time with your wedding colors?

Remain Flexible: Things Will Change

Remember that post where I said “be flexible?” Where I talked about how 2 months into my project, I found out I was going to be married and OUR house that was in transition to become MY house was about to become OUR house beofre I even got time to finish? Yeah, well we scheduled the wedding just 7 short months later. Two months after my good friend Alexis’ wedding and only 3 short weeks before Boo’s (the bestie). I simply could not focus on the projects here around the house. I was trying to make sure everybody had a happy wedding…including us. It worked.


We got married!!!


Boo and Brother Boo got married!!!


Alexis and Z got married (again)!!! I love this photo.

Now that the weddings are over, Husband has moved in, and things are kind of back to normal, I realized that I might need to change the premise of my blog. Not because I’m not interested in transforming this house into OUR home, but because things have changed and I have too much to share. I had a plan. I was going to do this…then that…and then something else. But we know what God does when we make plans. **shrugs** It happens.

So, I took some time to really think about what kind of place I want this to be. I thought about what I’d want to talk about. Shoot, I thought about what I really want in general and those things haven’t changed at all. I want MORE. Not more stuff, but more substance. I’ve given away so much stuff in the last few months, I KNOW that stuff is not what’s going to make my life better. I had plenty of it. Trust. What has added so much to my life was being able to care for my mother and how responsible, strong, and capable that made me feel. That, in conjunction with the most thrilling dating experience with Husband, has made me realize how valuable it is to try new things and to do the things you feel will give you pleasure. The other big joy of my life was being entrusted to do the décor and design for Alexis and Z’s wedding, my own, and helping Boo with hers. It was a great and maybe it caused me to be a little more conscious of what I should be doing with my talents.

I feel good. I feel happy to have the life I have. I am blessed. And in tribute to my mother and duty to myself and my future, I want to live a life that I won’t regret. One where I’m not always waiting for tomorrow or next year. A life full of adventure and experiences. One where I’m not afraid to try things or live my dreams. One where I love hard and try my best to do those things that will fulfill me. Today. Not tomorrow or next year, but today. Now.

In that respect, I’ll be here blogging about all the things that add a level of “suite” to my life. One day it may be shoes, the next it may be bacon, or a movie, or a play, or happy shades of grey, or hosting a dinner party. Who knows? But I’m willing to let it all be great and I’ll be talking about it here. Hopefully, it’ll be an inspiration to you too. I’ve already got a few posts ready…so let’s get this thing started. AGAIN. 🙂