Kids Breakfast 2014

5 Ideas for a Kid Friendly Valentine’s Breakfast

On Monday I shared some tips on how to plan a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two. Today, I thought it would be a good idea to share something a little more kid friendly. How about a fun breakfast?

We don’t have kids yet, and to be honest, Mommy and I never did this kind of thing when I was a kid. However, as an adult we did do some fun things from time to time. One of them included having ice cream for breakfast. Do I think that’s a good idea? Absolutely! If it’s a special occasion. Does Valentine’s Day count? Yep…with sprinkles. However, if you want to do something more reasonable here are a few things that I found that were SUPER cute.

1) This heart shaped variation of “egg in the hole” is adorable. And can be done very easily. Check out One Charming Party for the full instructions.

love nest

2) On one of our frequent trips to Ikea, I was excited to find out that they sell milk jugs. They actually call it a vase, but I know better. I actually had a project in mind, but the small ones would be perfect for serving up strawberry milk. A few simple decorations will make it extra special. No cooking required.

Strawberry Milk

3) It is my firm belief that you cannot go wrong with fresh fruit. Just use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut it into “love”ly shapes and put it on a skewer, or in this case a popsicle stick. The heart shaped plate is nice, but definitely not a requirement. Serve with a side of yogurt for dipping. Add sprinkles, because it’s a special occasion.

Fruit Kabob

These next two are my favorites and if I wasn’t doing dinner, I’d give this a try for a breakfast in bed.

4) It seems like everything is getting the red velvet treatment…ice cream, chicken, and brownies…and I think we’re all okay with this. So when I saw these yummy red heart shaped pancakes by WhipperBerry, I thought they would be perfect for this list. She even includes a recipe for buttermilk syrup. Not sure what that would taste like, but I’m curious. You could also try them with a cream cheese glaze to keep it more traditional.


5) The Paper Mama shares her budget friendly Valentine’s go to item…Heart shaped bacon!! It’s like love shaped, love flavored love. To kick it up a notch, as if that’s really necessary, she suggests dipping it in chocolate. I’d suggest candied bacon. Either way, it’s still bacon and that’s more than enough.

hearty bacon

If this seems like too much, you could always do the ice cream thing. Your kids will love you for it. Check out my pinterest board for more lovey dove-y Valentine’s edibles and creative ways to show you care.

Engagement photo 2

Be Flexible

I wish this title was a clever way to say I’ve found some  spectacular way to use flexi-straws to make a fabulous chandelier for a photo backdrop. It’s not. I have better news. I’M ENGAGED!

I was doing a fabulous job of posting regularly and then I was hit by the greatest news of my life. I was off celebrating and walking on clouds, being bombarded with thoughts about our big day, and tossing imaginary confetti on unsuspecting internet strangers. I’ve simply been too excited to even think about what to do around the house and it shows. But with a wedding coming up in the near future, where does that leave Suite14A?

I cannot tell a lie, I’m going to be busy. But that will give me lots of material to blog about. We’re going to talk about our wedding! I can put pictures up! Pictures of us! Wedding pictures!!!! I’m so excited to be working on another event and making my house OUR home. But mostly, I’m just glad that after such a difficult period in my life, the Lord saw fit to bless me with such an immense amount of joy. I couldn’t be more happy. Is it okay to paint your walls grey if you’re happy? Is there a happy shade of grey? *tosses confetti*

Desperately Seeking Suite

This may come as a shocker to a lot of people, planners in particular, but I don’t aim for perfect. I aim for perfect enough. I know people have been selling you a perfect event, and quite honestly it sounds nice, but who can guarantee that. Who’s to say your uncle won’t get drunk and cusp your mother-in-laws behind?

Now, choosing forego perfection doesn’t mean leaving stuff undone or haphazardly putting things together. It doesn’t mean you won’t have a wonderful event. What it means is that maybe instead of having a budget-busting 6 tiered cake with rhinestones all around, you could have a 6 tiered cupcake tower with a fabulous rhinestone topper. It means knowing that despite you wanting to seat the families closer together, maybe your uncle with the wandering hands should be seated on the other side of the room…away from your curvaceous MIL. It means giving yourself permission to be flexible in your choices so you can get stuff done. Trust me, the less stuff on your plate, the more fun you’re going to have. Plus without such rigorous requirements, you’re giving yourself more room to be wowed and more options to be pleased with the overall outcome of your event. Don’t you deserve to be wowed? Don’t you deserve to be pleased?

Of course you do. That’s why you’re here. Let’s make it happen.