Bride with Afro and Floral Crown

Celebrating #AfroApril with these Bridal Looks

It’s #AfroApril y’all! I’ve been waiting all much to set my hair free and I’m so excited that the time is finally here! Though it was not my plan, I began my 3rd transition back to natural hair shortly before our wedding. Despite a few dedicated years of not cutting my hair for the wedding I didn’t know I was having, about 5 months into planning it started to fall out. *sad face*  I ended up having to cut what was left from my back up to my ears. #BUMMER

I did the big chop a few months before I took my bridal portraits on our one year anniversary and settled on an assisted updo that was similar look to my original wedding look. But these brides! Wedding dresses and puffs on fleek. I’m so happy to see more brides choosing to rock their big hair on their big day. So let’s kick off this celebration of #AfroApril with some pics of lovely brides willing to let it all hang out!


First up, from the feature image is Atlanta photographer Bri McDaniel seen below with her hubby. Not only did I love her hair, but she chose to rock a floral crown AND a sparkly gold wedding dress. Isn’t she gorgeous??


Bride 3

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography


I stumbled across this lovely Ethiopian bride on Offbeat Bride. Swing by and check out the original post. She actually changed her hair by adding some traditional braids for the reception.



Bride with Afro and Floral Crown

Photo by From the Hip Photography




The images from this beach wedding featured on Chic Brown Bride were beautiful. I remember when I first saw them, I was all smiles. “Look at her hair!” The elegant pearl comb made the perfect accent.


Natural Hair Bride with Afro

Photo By Shoreshotz Phototography



This bride’s crown was accented with a delicate crown of it’s own. I know it’s styled, but her smile is authentic. I just couldn’t pass it up.




Bride with an Afro

Photo by Sawyer Baird


BONUS: This fro’d out flower girl has maxed out the cuteness meter with her wedding day style. She’s been on the internet so much, I couldn’t find an original source. #shesfamous


Flower Girl with Afro



So let’s hear it. What do you think of these looks? Would you rock a fro on your wedding day?



Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo

Septima & Tremelle: Art Inspired Styled Shoot in Atlanta

I’ve been waiting an entire month to share these photos with you and now it’s time! I teamed up with some wonderful vendors and a lovely couple (who happen to be friends) to create this colorful styled shoot.


Naturally when choosing a theme for our shoot, I decided to go with something close to my heart. Art! Being able to have it in the Castleberry Hill historic arts district was an added benefit as it houses a number of art galleries within its century old buildings and we also had our own wedding in this area. Yay for memories! It’s not just the art inside the galleries that inspire me though. The streets of Castleberry Hill have lots of art of their own, including beautiful architecture, incredible murals and even some graffiti. I know some people may not think graffiti and city streets make for a beautiful wedding, but I can’t say I’m like most people. I love pairing nontraditional elements, including the way the harsh city streets pair with the delicate lace of a wedding gown. So, I whipped up this inspiration board, sent it to a few vendors and a few short weeks later, we were together making magic.


Intimate event styled by Suite14A at Coze Atlanta


Keep scrolling for a look at some of my fav photos from the shoot, including the art work painted by yours truly.

Couple Collage


Art Themed Wedding


Art Themed Wedding


Art Themed Wedding




Art Themed Wedding

Pink and Navy Art Themed Wedding

Art Themed Wedding Inspiration


That’s a wrap folks! All the way from inspiration to completed inspired look. It’s the Suite14A way! If you want to see more photos, head over to Chic Brown Bride to see our feature which includes an interview with our real life couple who, though young, are celebrating 10 years of marriage. #relationshipgoals #committment


Big shout out to our vendors. All of you were wonderful and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Planning, Design, Florals: Suite14A

Photography: Matthew Druin Photography

Venue: Coze

Invitations, Place Cards, Place Card Holders, Cake Topper: Scripted Ever After

Gown and Accessories: CTO Bridal Boutique

Groom Accessories: Beau. Ties, LLC

Cake: Apple-Butter Bakery and Custom Cake Shoppe

Make-Up: Jillian Nicole

Art: SYM1 Did It!!!

Featured on Chic Brown Bride

SATC: Fancy for No Reason

I understand that what I’m about to say may set me up for judgment, but be kind. I have never really been a fan of Sex and the City. Whenever the craze started, I wasn’t available to take part. I’ve seen a few episodes, but I missed out for the most part and I was okay with that. However, I have seen the movies, thanks to DirecTV and I know, from reading, that they aren’t the best representation of what the series was really like, but I can enjoy it for what it was to me: A very long commercial for fashion products that I’m not willing to afford right now.

The movies were stunning. Just all around pretty. These women, the fashion, the locations, and the entire films were a testament to it never being a bad time to look better. I was completely and utterly SLAIN when Carrie decided to go to an outdoor walking flea market in THIS ensemble.

Carrie Bradshaw in Christian Dior at the Street Market

I shouted at my tv. REALLY? Why dress so nicely to walk in an alley to buy fruit?

I’m obviously no Carrie Bradshaw, because I’m a firm believer in not wasting an outfit. You know what I mean, right? Going somewhere regular and wearing your nice clothes or wearing a nice outfit and you don’t have an opportunity for anybody to really see you shine in it. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe we should ALWAYS opt for the nice outfit. Maybe we should always try to look a little better, no matter where we’re going. I wouldn’t say do it with the intention to be seen, but do it to feel like you want to be seen. That wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Truth is, I’ve been veering towards this path for a long while. After the freshman year “I can really wear pajamas to class?” ordeal, I’ve been making it a point not to dress “comfortably” when I have the option to dress to the 9s. Or at least the 7s. Ok…just choosing something better.

Challenge: If you go out this weekend, try to over do it for something you wouldn’t normally give your best look. Now, I’m not saying rock your wedding gown to the mall, unless you want to and if that’s the case, please send me THOSE pictures, but maybe wear heels to a matinee when you’d normally wear tennis shoes or flip flops. Wear your super sparkly earrings with denim before 5PM. Just kick it up a notch, for no other reason than because you can. Go forth and be fancy!

I’m going to try it over the weekend. I have an event to go to and although I’m not the guest of honor, I’ll try to figure out a way to dress something up without stealing the show. I’ll post a photo on my instagram. If you participate, share your photos with me using #SATCFancy

Bridal Suite: Buying a Dress “Off the Rack”

We were engaged on February 12th. Two weeks later I had a dress. And I didn’t have to break the bank.

I had spent a little time looking at dresses. I was sure I wanted mermaid and lace. Boo was coming in for our birthday (we’re 3 days apart) and I managed to get an appointment at Bride Beautiful while she was here, so we went together. When I scheduled online, they asked for my budget. The lowest range was from $500-800.  That’s the one I chose. I actually had, and planned to spend more than that, but you know when you tell people that you only have $1 they tend to say what’s 50 cents more? Umm…it’s more than I budgeted. So, in this case I decided to start a little lower so I could have some room for upselling. It was a good idea. By the time I left I was in $2,500 dresses! Imagine how that would have worked out if I had started with a $1500 budget?

I had the first appointment of the morning and if you’re going on the weekend, I’d highly recommend it. The boutique was a zoo when I left a little over an hour later. The consultant ushered me into the “clearance” section, because that’s the only place where they have dresses in my price range. These were sample gowns, and gowns that people had purchased, but didn’t finish paying for. She tells me that I should consider buying a dress that’s a couple sizes larger and having it altered. This opened up the range of what was available to me and ended up being exactly what I decided to do. Also, with the wedding only 7 months away, this was a great option since it could take up to 6 months to get a wedding dress. This way I could take my dress home the very same day.

I tried on maybe 10 dresses. Narrowed it down to 2. And eventually decided on this gorgeous number that was 4 sizes too big and entirely too long.

Peep Boo in the back sneaking photos.

Peep Boo in the back sneaking photos.

It was going to need some major alterations, but they only wanted to give me $100 off. For all that, I could have paid full price for a brand new one that fit. I told my consultant there was no way that would be happening. I told her to tell whoever she needed to tell that I needed a better price. Then I waited. She came back and told me they would sell me the dress for 50% off. Suite!

I paid and brought my baby home in a big pink bag. Then I panicked. The bridal consultant said I could get a dress a couple sizes larger and get it altered. Not 4 sizes larger. Were these alterations going to cost me $700 and negate all my savings? I was sure they were going to have to take my entire dress apart. I was shook! Turns out, I was wrong. Tine came to visit and we took my dress to Lace Alterations  and not only was the staff super nice, they pulled out the straight pins and carved me out of that dress like a fine piece of Italian marble!


They pinned my dress into submission. They also opened up the neckline a little. Custom!

It didn’t break the bank either. With alterations, the dress ended up being about $400 less than full price. It was almost the exact price I was willing to spend in the first place, but on a dress I wouldn’t have been willing to purchase at full price. SUITE!