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Wife to Husband. Private Chef at (our) Personal Residence. Lady of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Part-time painter. Unofficial Beyoncé Back-Up Dancer. Avid reader. Shondaland Thursday Night Theorist. Macaron fancy snacker. Currently eating my way around Atlanta.

As with most things I do, I can’t always pinpoint a “moment” when something turns from a thought to a decision. The same is true with events. My mom threw me the absolute BEST parties when I was growing up. When I got older, she and I talked about opening our own event hall. I was going to be the boss. She was going to assist. We everything worked out except for the part where we actually did the work.


Fast forward a few years. I had recently graduated from Mercer University (the team that beat Duke), and I was working as a full time artist. That was going well, but I still had an interest in event planning. I decided to test the waters by enrolling in an online course in wedding and event planning. Loved it. Aced it. So I decided to do it again. Just months after completing my online course, I completed a more formal program at a local college. Love it. Aced it. Did not do it again.


Though it wasn’t yet time for me to begin my party planning career, I stayed close to the industry via odd jobs, volunteer work, and creating décor for any event I could get my hands on. Then one fateful day, a good friend and sorority sister says to me, “I’m putting you on the decorations committee for my wedding.” I asked her who else was on the committee. She said “Just you. How much is it going to cost?” Changed. My. Life. Her request came shortly after losing my mom to cancer. I was on hiatus from art and really just trying to get back to normal. It was everything I needed to move forward with one of my greatest passions. Needless to say, I loved it. I aced it. So I decided to do it again.

Give your best to your best.

My love for design begins with contrast. I love mixing patterns, textures and masculine and feminine elements into my designs. I finish them off with pops of color. I take cues from tradition, but I definitely do not let it dictate my choices. My personal party philosophy is to “give your best to your best.” Offering our best to our guests is the simplest and most effective means to achieving a wonderful party. I find that offering your best is so easy to do when your guests are your most favorite people, which is why I adore intimate events.

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