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I don’t want to have a wedding anymore.

My friend had just come back from a big fantastic bridal show and this is how she felt when she came home. Now I’m not sure why she decided to share this with me – her pre-determined, as soon as he proposes, you’re hired wedding planner – but that’s exactly what she said. Somehow an over the top booth, styled by an exceptional designer with cascading flowers at every crevice and chandeliers and gold bricks at every place setting, had somehow given her the idea that what she actually wanted wasn’t good enough. She said that she couldn’t afford “all that.” All what? What can’t you afford?


Who told her, or any of you that “all that” was required to host a beautiful event? That made me sad.  It also gave me purpose. Events are an opportunity to express an idea that’s unique to you. It doesn’t require anything that you don’t want or anything that feels inauthentic to you. Tradition doesn’t need to dictate how you plan and trends don’t have to be included in your design. Why give up on your vision because your mother said “you must…” or you’re afraid that guests won’t “get it?”


Though SUITE14A was already in the works, the decision to focus on intimate events and unique spaces was directly inspired by this story. I want my clients to share their dream event, no matter how off the wall or out of the box, with people who truly get them!


At SUITE14A we have a commitment to design that reflects the style and personality of the guest of honor while also capturing the theme of the occasion without sacrificing quality or style. Our clients are fun, stylish, and stunning examples of great hosts. We pride ourselves on providing smooth planning, creating thoughtful design, and giving our clients a wonderful experience to share with the people they love most.

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