Don’t Be Afraid to Begin Again

I wrote this in a blog post from Nov. 2011:

Imagine being born again, with all your memories from this life. Except this time, you’re born in another country. You remember how to talk, and you try, but nobody speaks the language. Everything you thought you knew is different. It’s like having a wealth of useless knowledge. You have a little experience, but it’s starting to feel a little irrelevant. Some days, that’s just how I feel. I have chosen to give up what I know to do something new and all the previous knowledge I had isn’t really helping with what I’m trying to do now. I’m sure it’s helped with the transition, but when you’re starting from scratch, a little help doesn’t always seem like much. I am having fun, but a little progress would be great for team morale.

This is, I feel, my third time starting this blog. Not starting over, but I’ve had two long breaks to regroup and I’ve come back from each of them with a renewed perspective. Suite14A is actually my second blog, and if we count my wealth of Facebook notes, it’s my third. I wanted to come here to Suite14A and do something completely different from what I’ve done in the past. Because, honestly, I’m different now and if you’ve been following my work since the Facebook days, you’re different now too. We’re growing up and we have grown up things to deal with. Sometimes that means letting go of the familiar and stepping out to try something new. Sometimes, that’s hard…even for a superwoman like me. It takes quite a bit of gumption to give up something you’ve worked hard on or put a lot of effort into, only to start over again with something unfamiliar. But we cannot be afraid of the “beginagains.” You know, when plan A (or B or C) doesn’t go that well or it’s not all you thought it would be and then you have to start over? Yeah, that’s the beginagains. And if we’re always afraid to give them a go, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to flourish under these new circumstances. Fear will keep us from a new venture, or relationship, or vegetable, or even a new haircut. If we let it, it will chew us up and then spit us out into a dark corner, where we’ll spend the rest of our lives huddled up rocking and crying into an old t-shirt. Don’t let that happen.

Go rafting with your husband (Symone). Zip line (It was FUN). Try asparagus (YUM). Paint the walls blue. Cut off your hair! Stop being beaten by the what ifs. What if everything goes well? What if you enjoy it? What if it’s delicious? Perfect? Chances are you won’t die trying. Instead, you’ll feel accomplished. Fearless. Strong. Try an adventure every now and then. Don’t be skurred.


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